This Holiday Season Open Your Doors to Your Extended Family – Creatively!

While COVID-19 has forced many senior citizens to stop visiting with their extended families, seniors are finding creative ways to enjoy a virtual visit with their family, especially over the holidays.

One way seniors can do this is decorate their front door as a family group by joining Chatham Literacy’s Holiday Decorated Door Contest. No matter where your mom or dad live the entire family can plan, create and
put up a unique front door for their loved ones that will be very special for all. For a $20 registration fee, decorate a door through December 18 th and you’re household may win a prize and bragging rights and you’re
your winning photo will run in the Chatham County News + Record and on the websites of Chatham Literacy and Chatham Homes Reality Company.

To begin the decorating process with your loved ones, try planning a Zoom or other electronic discussion to brainstorm fun ideas that all family members can create together. Perhaps both parents grew upon a farm; then
have someone in charge of making color or black and white copies of all children at the farm over the years. Have kids create their own memories of special farm visits. Then either send the copies and memories and other
decoration ideas by mail – or – if allowed, have the family simply drive up to decorate and ‘visit’ through the front door as new type of family gathering.

If you get your children involved, not only is this is a great way to emphasize helping grandparents you can also demonstrate care and concern for neighbors as well as others in your community. This simple act of decorating for others fosters feelings of goodwill in the community through their creativity. Their $20 entry donation will help make a difference in people’s lives in their community. That’s because Chatham Literacy is ‘opening doors’ of opportunity for others by helping them learn how to speak and read in English, or help them get their
GED or develop better job skills and even enable them to become a US citizen. “What better way to kick off our holiday season,” said Linda Nalty, “supporting adult learners and their families through Chatham Literacy!”

Other decorating ideas may be to create a front door simply from the grandchildren’s perspective – perhaps you can help your children discover a special door theme like a Teddy Bear or Candy Cane Christmas, or re-create the children’s favorite Christmas tree decorations and create a large paper front door tree.

Ideas are endless, but the point of this door decorating event is the mutual planning, sharing, creating and constructing a very special 2020 memory for your loved ones.

To register, go to this page.

This Holiday Season Open Your Doors to Your Extended Family – Creatively!
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