It’s a Time for (Extra) Giving

2018 is approaching…give the gift of literacy!

Based on recent tax law changes, you might want to consider making your next year’s planned donation before 12/31!

It would be a win-win!

Your donation would help us reach our $35,000 year-end goal and would help you to realize a tax deduction.

The following is from an article in the Raleigh News & Observer, providing year-end guidance for tax planning.

“If you’re going to give to charity next year, consider donating now instead. If you’re feeling generous, you’re likely to get a reward if you donate now, under the current tax system. Because of changes to tax rules, most families won’t be able to itemize deductions and thus won’t get much tax benefit from charitable giving once the new system kicks in. So it is probably better to give now, when you can write it off as part of an itemized tax return.”

Take Action! Donate Now

Donations such as yours translate into literacy services in Chatham:

  • $ 50 – can provide educational materials for a tutor and adult learner to begin tutoring
  • $100 – can provide instructional and office supplies for one month
  • $150 – can provide supplies to participate in an outreach/recruitment event
  • $250 – can provide orientation/assessment of adult learners for one month
  • $500 – can provide tutoring for one adult learner to become a U.S. citizen
  • $750 – can provide training for ten volunteers to become tutors

Literacy opens doors and transforms lives…thank you for your support of Chatham Literacy.

Vicki Newell, Executive Director


It’s a Time for (Extra) Giving
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