Fran Mears

Fran Mears

It is with a heavy heart I share the sad news that Fran Mears passed away.

Fran was one of those first involved with Chatham Literacy, joining the Board of Directors in 2010 and serving in that capacity into 2016.

As a member of the marketing committee, Fran was instrumental in branding Chatham Literacy in the community and in sharing about the impact of Chatham Literacy through press releases, student success stories, the development of our annual report,the creation of our website, and so much more. Fran was a true champion of adult literacy. Thank you Fran.

You can communicate with Walter Mears, Fran’s husband, at:

Walter Mears
51203 Eastchurch
Chapel Hill, NC 27517

I am so glad we got to know you Fran. We will miss you.

Vicki Newell
Executive Director

Fran Mears
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