Tutor FAQ

Frequently asked questions

What do tutors do?

Volunteer tutors can work independently or in partnership with another tutor to teach one student, a small group of students, or a small class of adult learners to help students achieve their goals and function more successfully in society.

Do I need a degree in teaching to be a tutor?

No. You don’t need a teaching background or foreign-language skills to be a tutor. We provide the training you’ll need to help your students meet their short-term and long-term learning goals.

What would I teach?

Chatham Literacy offers instruction in reading, writing, basic math, Spanish Literacy, ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages), GED (high school equivalency) preparation, citizenship preparation, and Financial Literacy. As a tutor, you can choose the subject or subjects you are most comfortable teaching. We’ll match you and your students based on your skills and interests and on their needs.

What’s involved in tutor training?

All tutors must complete an application. Volunteers will then schedule an Interest Meeting with the volunteer coordinator (1/2 hour to 1 hour in length), complete a tutor orientation (1 to 2 hours in length), and attend a face-to-face training with other new tutors (6 hours in length on a Saturday). To find out more about our tutor training process, please visit our Tutor Training Overview page.

Would I need to pay for my training or teaching materials?

No. It’s all available at no cost to you.  Materials include everything from handouts you’ll use during your tutor training to workbooks and teacher guides you’ll use with students.

How often would I be expected to tutor?

We’d like for you to commit to at least one tutoring session per week. We’ve found that students make better progress if they attend at least two one-on-one or class sessions each week. Sessions typically last one to two hours.

Is it possible to work tutoring around my regular job?

Absolutely. You and your student(s) will arrange a time and place that works well for everyone. You most likely will meet in a convenient public space such as a library, restaurant, or church. If you prefer to teach a small group class, you can choose from our schedule of classes, which are offered at various times of day.

How can I sign up or learn more?

Our Volunteer Coordinator will be happy to talk with you. You can reach this person at 919-742-0578.  

You also can complete and submit our Tutor Application form and we’ll be in touch!

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