Farewell, Debbi Carter!

Farewell Debbi Carter

Your presence as a tutor at Chatham Literacy will be missed!

Meet Debbi Carter, a dedicated tutor with a heart for literacy and community! With over six years of volunteering at Chatham Literacy under her belt, Debbi has been a beacon of knowledge and support for adult learners. We celebrate her as she begins a new adventure in Pennsylvania.

During her time here, Debbi has been an ESOL, Citizenship and Adult Goal Based Education tutor. She has tutored over 15 students in both small groups and 1:1s. Debbie adapts to the needs of her students, whether it’s through Zoom or in-person sessions. Her approach is all about flexibility and patience, understanding that every student’s journey is unique.

Her methods include partnering students together and using games to provide a welcoming environment. “We play Simon Says,” she says. “It sounds silly. But it helps when learning arms, legs, feet, jump, stand, sit down, all those things.” Debbi also believes firmly in the power of conversation for language learning, saying, “The conversation speeds up the English comprehension better than anything else, I think. And the humor comes through.”

When asked about her students, she said, “They all surprise me. It’s phenomenal, the courage and the learning that takes place, even with their scheduling and family constraints,” Debbi shared.

Debbi has been an incredible support to Chatham Literacy over the years, to both students and staff. We will miss her and wish her the absolute best at her new literacy council in Pennsylvania. They don’t know yet how lucky they will be to have Debbi volunteering with them!  All the best, Debbi!  


WANT TO BECOME A TUTOR? Chatham Literacy is always seeking more volunteers like Debbi to support adult learners in the community. If you’re interested in becoming a tutor, reach out to admin@chathamliteracy.org to learn more.

Farewell, Debbi Carter!
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