Congratulations, Elena!

Congratulations to Elena Gonzales!

Congratulations to Elena Gonzales on achieving her goal of reading an entire book in English, “Who Was Elvis Presley”!

Elena’s tutor, Patty Poe, shared: “I am so proud of Elena! What a well-earned Graduation Day!”

This is a huge milestone and we’re so inspired by Elena’s hard work and dedication. Reading an entire book in a new language is no small feat – way to go, Elena! We’re cheering you on!

Let’s also take a moment to appreciate literacy tutors like Patty Poe and the entire Chatham Literacy community. Their passion for education is the driving force behind moments of transformation like this one.

Please consider joining us as a tutor so that you can support learners like Elena on their educational journeys.

Congratulations, Elena!
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