Winning Tee Shirt Numbers for Oakleaf!

Chatham Habitat for Humanity
The staff of Chatham Habitat for Humanity proudly show their support for literacy.

The Oakleaf inside Chatham Mills at 480 Hillsboro Street in Pittsboro is Chatham Literacy’s T-Shirt Tuesday!  partner for February.

The winning numbers for February are 348, 199, 66, 319, 266.  If you have a Literacy Matters T-shirt with a winning number, wear it to the restaurant and receive a $15 gift certificate to Oakleaf that you can use whenever you wish.

If you didn’t win, you can wear your Literacy Matters T-shirt to the restaurant on February 2, purchase a main course and receive your choice of free dessert between either:

  • Double Bergamot Earl Grey Creme Brulee OR
  • Souffled Lemon Buttermilk Pudding with Citrus Caramel.

Visit this space or “like us” on Facebook to find out the winning numbers each month.

Upcoming T-Shirt Tuesday! partners will be:

Our past partners were:

Thanks to all of the businesses participating in this fun campaign.

Winning Tee Shirt Numbers for Oakleaf!
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