Success for Patricia Corona

In September 2020, Patricia Corona came to Chatham Literacy to obtain her citizenship. Chatham Literacy was not new to Patricia for in 2016 she had participated in our English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) program. Patricia is from Mexico and arrived to the states in 2001. 21 years later, Patricia wants to become a citizen. Citizenship is important to her because she wants her children to be proud of her.

When Patricia returned to Chatham Literacy, little did she know that she would no longer be able to attend classes in person. For the first time ever, she would have to attend class virtually. Since the pandemic, our citizenship class has been exclusively online. There was a learning curve to distance learning, for both tutors and students but Patricia is a prime example that when a student has a will, education will find a way. To ensure her success, Patricia enrolled in both citizenship and ESOL classes until her interview date.

Please help us congratulate Patricia on her newly obtained citizenship! After waiting for a solid year for her interview, she passed the citizenship test on January 14, 2022.

Patricia will continue to hone her English skills with her tutor, Lee, toward earning a promotion at Mountaire. She currently works in quality control and a promotion would mean a transition to supervisor in that department.

Patricia is excited to continue her learning journey here at Chatham Literacy. We’re so incredibly proud of her accomplishment and hope to see amazing things from Patricia in the future.

Success for Patricia Corona
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