March 1 is T-shirt Tuesday!

Prepare for T-shirt Tuesday —- next Tuesday, March 1st….ALL day at McIntyre’s Books.

Those of you with the following numbers on your t-shirt can go to McIntyre’s, wearing your t-shirt, to claim a swag bag!!!!!

Bruce Birch in New Zealand
Winning numbers are:

220; 136; 255; 196; 308


For everyone with a t-shirt — wear your Literacy Matters t-shirt into McIntyre’s on March 1st to receive 15% off of your purchase!


Many thanks to McIntyre’s for being our T-shirt Tuesday business partner in March!

(if you are looking at your t-shirt on a hanger…your number is located in the lower right side on the front of your shirt)

Mark your calendar for T-shirt Tuesday on April 5th at 580 Craft Beer.
March 1 is T-shirt Tuesday!
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