Congratulations to Anastasia & Estefania Tourino!

Today’s post is a contribution from one of our dedicated tutors, Karen Mirkovich. She writes:

“I am thrilled to announce the success of Estefania and Anastasia Tourino, my long-time students. Estefania has secured a role at PNC Bank in Sanford and is being trained as an administrative banker. She will be the first bilingual employee at this bank branch in Sanford. Her sister Anastasia joins Wells Fargo Bank in Sanford, in a similar capacity.”

“Together, we’ve honed their banking knowledge and interview skills, paving the way for these incredible opportunities. During the Wells Fargo interview, Estefania was asked how she learned English, knowing that she moved to the USA from Venezuela in 2020. She told them all about Chatham Literacy. Wells Fargo was impressed.”

“So proud of these talented young women and can’t wait to see their continued growth and success. Congratulations, Estefania and Anastasia!”

Watch the video below of their presentation at the 2024 Spring into Literacy Luncheon.

Congratulations to Anastasia & Estefania Tourino!
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