2016 Chatham Literacy Luncheon

Chatham Literacy has set the date for its annual Literacy Luncheon. Mark your calendar to join us at Governors Club on April 6 from 11 AM to 2 PM. We are very excited to have Daniel Wallace as our guest speaker. Mr. Wallace is the author of “Big Fish” and several other excellent books.

Tickets are $50 and available now.

This will be a great event to support literacy education in Chatham County.

Daniel Wallace
Daniel Wallace is the author of five novels, including “Big Fish” (1998), “Ray in Reverse” (2000), “The Watermelon King” (2003), “Mr. Sebastian and the Negro Magician” (2007), and most recently “The
Kings and Queens of Roam” (2013).  His children’s book, published in 2014, and for which he did both the words and the pictures, is called “The Cat’s Pajamas,” and it is absolutely adorable.

In 2003 “Big Fish” was adapted and released as a major movie. In 2013 the book and the movie were mish-mashed together and became a Broadway musical. His novels have been translated into over two dozen languages.

Daniel Wallace is the J. Ross MacDonald Distinguished Professor of English at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, his alma mater, where he directs the Creative Writing Program. His son is a rising senior at UNC-W, and his daughter is an artist in Baltimore. He lives in Chapel Hill with his wife, Laura Kellison Wallace.

More information about him, his writing, and his illustrations can be found at www.danielwallace.org and www.ogreatrosenfeld.com.

Don’t miss this special event. Buy your tickets now.

Sponsorships are also available.

2016 Chatham Literacy Luncheon
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