Chatham Literacy is Now a Certified Service Enterprise

Chatham Literacy is honored to join only 650 other organizations across the United States as a certified Service Enterprise.  The Association of Leaders in Volunteer Engagement (AL!VE) awards certification to nonprofits who have proven their excellence in the fundamental and strategic use of volunteers and their skills to address community needs.

Service Enterprises are among the top 11% of nonprofits in the country in volunteer engagement and organizational performance. Research conducted by TCC Group and Deloitte shows that nonprofits operating as a Service Enterprise are as effective as peers, but at almost half the median budget and are significantly more adaptable, sustainable, and scalable.” – AL!VE

Chatham Literacy’s five person coalition worked together for just over a year to become certified.  Thanks to those coalition members: Volunteer Tutors Karen Mirkovich and Marian Olson, Program Coordinators Leslie Ocampo and Joselyn Villaseñor, and Executive Director Vicki Newell.  Thanks to the Triangle Nonprofit and Volunteer Leadership Center for providing us with training and consultation throughout the process.

Here is a quote from the certification announcement from AL!VE:

On behalf of the Association of Leaders in Volunteer Engagement (AL!VE) and Points of Light, I am pleased to inform you that Chatham County Literacy Council has earned their Service Enterprise Certification! Program Coordinator Joselyn Villaseñor commented that “Service Enterprise has allowed us to reframe the way we talk about and use our volunteers… From our marketing efforts to data management, volunteers are helping expand our efforts and reach our mission.” This comment beautifully reflects the goals of this program, and it is clear in so many ways that Chatham County Literacy Council embodies the Service Enterprise standards of excellence.

It was a pleasure to review this application which highlighted the ways in which pursuing Service Enterprise certification beautifully aligned with each of the six strategic objectives of their 2022-25 strategic plan. Their inclusion of volunteer literacy tutors on their Guiding Coalition spoke volumes about volunteers’ integration in this process, and the important and highly valued role they play throughout the organization. Their training efforts seem to be effective for both tutors and other types of volunteers, and their offering of various developmental opportunities to support volunteers in their continued growth is excellent. All of this demonstrates that Chatham County Literacy Council is truly operating as a Service Enterprise, and AL!VE is proud to officially certify this remarkable organization for the next three years, through the end of 2026. – AL!VE certification announcement

The Chatham Literacy Board of Directors and staff are proud that we are a Service Enterprise!

Chatham Literacy is Now a Certified Service Enterprise
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