Board committees

If you have professional or managerial experience, we would love to have you contact us about serving on one of our Board of Directors committees. You can help us fulfill our mission!

We have seven committees at present:

  • Personnel Committee             open to volunteers!
  • Program Committee                open to volunteers!
  • Development Committee       open to volunteers!
  • Marketing Committee             open to volunteers!
  • Finance Committee                  open to volunteers!
  • Executive Committee              board members only
  • Governance Committee         board members only

A number of people have volunteered to join a board committee, then find the mission so compelling that they later join the Board of Directors. Others have preferred the role of serving on a committee, but don’t want the added responsibility of serving on the board. We are pleased with any decision you make. We need your help and appreciate any time you can give us.

Here are the committees that are seeking volunteers:

Personnel Committee

The Personnel Committee reviews, updates and creates personnel policies and handles human resources planning for the organization. It supervises hiring, salary and benefits structure, staff evaluations, and other critical personnel functions. We are always looking for volunteers who have a background in Human Resources, or who have had relevant managerial experience.

Program Committee

The Program Committee assists in the design, development and evaluation of our educational programs and services. In addition, it evaluates new program ideas for Board consideration. This group also helps to evaluate whether our programs and services are meeting our stated outcomes and goals, and sets appropriate measurements and goals. We are looking for volunteers who have an educational background or similar experience in creating programs or administering programs.

Development Committee  

The Development Committee creates and recommends appropriate annual fundraising goals, plans, projects and programs dedicated to raising funds from individuals, foundations, corporations and government agencies. This group also plans and implements fundraising events for the organization, including luncheons, social events and other activities.  We are always looking for volunteers with grant writing or fundraising experience, and volunteers with event planning or party planning skills to help us.

Marketing and Public Relations Committee

The Marketing and Public Relations Committee creates publicity and awareness for the organization. Members of the committee write press releases, produce brochures, write and create newsletters, and produce the annual report. This group is also involved in helping with the website and social media communications. This committee welcomes volunteers with writing, editing, photography, graphic design, advertising, marketing or public relations skills and experience.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee reviews and recommends an annual operating budget to be approved by the Board of Directors. In addition, this committee is responsible for providing a summary of income and expenses as well as current account balances at each Board of Directors meeting. The committee also reviews all financial practices for the organization. The committee would welcome volunteers with a financial or accounting background, or managerial experience in creating and administering budgets.

To volunteer for a committee or to learn more about what’s involved, please contact Vicki Newell at 919-542-6424 or at
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