“No-Show” Fall for Literacy Book Event

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Celebrated Author Key to Chatham Literacy’s
“No-Show” Fall for Literacy Book Event

Best-selling author Allan Gurganus has been called “the rightful heir to Falkner and Welty,” and as possessing a “wicked wit.”

This North Carolina native’s story, A Fool for Christmas, will be featured in a creative fundraising effort by Chatham Literacy this fall. Registration for both the “No-Show” event and raffle ticket sales occurs from July 20 through September 26. The first 125 people purchasing a $60 ticket for the fundraiser will receive a free hard copy of Gurganus’ book.

This Chatham Literacy “No-Show” Fall for Literacy event is set for 11:00am on September 26th , the final day of National Literacy Week. That is when Chatham Literacy encourages all readers to enjoy Gurganus’ delightful short story alone, with a small group, with a book club or virtually with friends.

Chatham County Executive Director Vicki Newell says the author and this particular story was a deliberate choice. “Due to the challenges we are all currently facing, we felt readers would simply enjoy celebrating this delightful and wonderful author in the comfort of their own homes,” Newell said.

“Chatham Literacy is excited to share this opportunity to collectively enjoy Allan Gurganus’s short work. It’s a great way to have some fun and also get a jump start to the holiday season,” Newell said. “So we hope you’ll join us in spirit as you read this literary treasure.”

“I’m proud that Chatham Literacy chose my tale A Fool for Christmas to be one theme of their upcoming event,” Gurganus said. His story includes a chance encounter that produces a Christmas miracle. Gurganus says one of the main characters in the story actually reflects Chatham Literacy’s efforts in the community. “Chatham Literacy, like Verne, sees potential everywhere,” Gurganus said. “In our age of computers, literacy has grown even more important. We’re all now living through a crisis that requires friends to help friends, communities to help communities. Literate citizens are essential to our nation’s health. I feel honored by my association with Chatham Literacy.” 
Gurganus’ other works includes the best-selling novel, Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All. The book spent eight months on the New York Times bestseller list and was made into a television production and later became a Broadway play. Adaptations of his books have won four Emmys.

Other works by Gurganus include: White People (Los Angeles Times Book Prize, Pen-Faulkner Finalist); Local Souls; The Practical Heart; and others. His essays have appeared in the New York Times Review and New York Review of Books. A novella called Blessed Assurance: A Moral Tale is part of Harvard Business School’s ethics curriculum. A Fool for Christmas will be included in his next work, The Uncollected Stories of Allan Gurganus, out in January 2021.

Additionally, Chatham Literacy is holding a raffle. You can read more about it and buy tickets on this page, but make sure to come back here to join us for this event.

You don’t have to step outside your door to participate in this fall’s Chatham Literacy fundraiser.

Our valued sponsors make these events possible. Visit this page to learn how your organization can sponsor this event.

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Register for the “No-Show” event between July 20 –September 26, 2020. There are three ways to do this:

  1. Register Online: This is the easiest method. Scroll down to the next section and fill in the form on this page.
  2. Hand-Written Form: Download the PDF file using the link below. Print it out, fill in by hand, and mail it to us.
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  4. Call for your registration: 919-214-1269.

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