Donor Privacy Policy & Procedures

Chatham Literacy places high priority on our donors’ privacy. The Donor Privacy Policy guides our staff and volunteers on the use of donor information. It applies to all donor information, in any form, which is received by Chatham Literacy. Anyone making a contribution of any kind to Chatham Literacy is considered to be a donor. Contributions include: monetary or in-kind donations to Chatham Literacy, ticket purchases and
sponsorships for Chatham Literacy events.

This policy will be posted on the website of Chatham Literacy and may be amended periodically. All policy changes will be reflected on the website.

A. Donor Privacy

Donors may provide Chatham Literacy with personally identifiable information, which includes: name, address, telephone number and email address. Chatham Literacy maintains a record of each donor’s contribution history; this information is kept on file as required by the IRS.

Chatham Literacy will not sell, trade or share donors’ names or personal information with any other entity, nor send mailings to our donors on behalf of other organizations. Chatham Literacy does not provide, sell or rent donors’ personally identifiable information outside of our organization. We will use personally identifiable information
for the following purposes:

  1. To provide donors with donation receipts
  2. To thank donors for their donation
  3. To inform donors about news, upcoming events and other Chatham Literacy activities
  4. To analyze giving patterns and create budget projections
  5. To report data to relevant Federal and state agencies

Chatham Literacy publicly recognizes donors by publishing donor names, including memorial gifts or honor gifts, in our annual report, unless a donor explicitly chooses the “do not publish my name” field when making a donation online or by mail.

Note that the information donors provide when making a donation may need to be shared with third-party service providers and will only be used to process the donation. These third parties are not governed by this policy and Chatham Literacy is not responsible for their privacy practices.

B. Access and Ability to Correct Personal Information

Upon a donor’s request via postal mail, email or telephone, Chatham Literacy will provide the donor with a summary of any personal information retained by Chatham Literacy. The donor may modify, correct, change or update the personal information by contacting Chatham Literacy at

C. Procedures

All donor contact information is entered into the donor database, “DonorSnap” which is protected by password, and only accessed by approved Chatham Literacy users. A copy of DonorSnap’s privacy policy can be found at

All forms of payment, including donation envelopes, are attached to a deposit as backup and kept in a locked file cabinet. When credit card information is provided, that information is blackened out. The Bookkeeper verifies that donor database entries match information recorded on all forms of payment.

When donor information is taken via phone, the Administrative Assistant or Executive Director enters the donation information directly into the appropriate form on the Chatham Literacy website. The donor’s credit card information is processed by goEmerchant. The credit card account number, expiration date, and CVV are not written down or kept by Chatham Literacy The donor receives an email to confirm their donation.

When donor information is taken via mobile app at an event, the Administrative Assistant, Bookkeeper, or Executive Director swipes the donor’s credit card. The donor’s credit card information is processed by goEmerchant. The credit card account number, expiration date, and CVV are not written down or kept by Chatham Literacy. A copy of goEmerchant’s privacy policy can be found at

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