Oscar Manzanarez

Administrative Assistant

— Oscar Manzanarez studied at North Carolina State University for 2 years in the pursuit of a Wildlife Biology degree but placed that on hold due the pandemic.  Oscar is currently experiencing new opportunities (one of which is his position at Chatham Literacy) to help him revitalize his future goals. Due to his deep interest in animals, he has grown up with all sorts of creatures that roam around his farm. From horses to cows to even parrots, his passion for animal care will always entice him to one day work with animals.

Oscar is the oldest of seven siblings and is heavily family oriented. As a first-generation college student, he wants to lead by example for his family and wants to give back to his community in any way possible.

Oscar enjoys traveling, going to art museums, taking pictures and listening to music. Oscar is extremely motivated to work with Chatham Literacy.

You can email Oscar at: oscar@chathamliteracy.org.

Oscar Manzanarez
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