Chatham Literacy in the Time of COVID-19

To keep you, our staff, tutors, adult learners and our community healthy we will continue to operate at a distance.

Through May 15, 2020, Chatham Literacy’s office and face-to-face instruction/tutoring will remain closed.  Staff will work remotely and can be reached by telephone and email during this closure. Before May 15, we will assess the situation and determine if we will re-open.

I hope you are well as we all adjust to working from home, or staying at home, or social distancing.  Days seem to be merging and weekends seem to be getting consumed.  While I will comply with preventive measures, I yearn for groups.  Strange and difficult times!  I hope you remain safe and healthy during this time of challenge and the unknown.

Meanwhile, Chatham Literacy staff are discussing, among ourselves and with tutors, ways to reconnect our adult learners with our tutors.  We are reviewing and testing various platforms from which tutoring can happen including on an individual’s phone.

We are also considering doing virtual lunch and learn workshops on time sensitive topics.  We are excited about trying new things; however, all are things we have never tried before.  We will truly operate by trial and error.  So while we blaze new trails, we invite you to join us on our journey.

Should you need support or local resources during this time, please call 211 or visit  They communicate in many languages.  We are also here to support you and even if we cannot provide direct help, we will find another who can. 

Staff Contact List

  • Vicki Newell, Executive Director; 919-542-6424;
  • Travis Patterson, Volunteer Coordinator; 919-930-7284;
  • Leslie Ocampo, Student Coordinator; 919-742-0578;
  • Kayla McCline, Administrative Assistant; 919-214-1269;

Please join Chatham Literacy in taking measures to help prevent the spread of this disease.  Thank you.

Sending virtual hugs (because everyone needs one right now!),

Vicki Newell, Executive Director

For future updates, check this website or our Facebook page at

Chatham Literacy in the Time of COVID-19
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