What we do

Too many people in Chatham County can’t get ahead because they don’t read and write well enough or they can’t speak English. Some can’t get a job or promotion because they didn’t graduate from high school or they aren’t U.S. citizens.
Chatham Literacy can help.

We offer free tutoring for adults who live or work in Chatham County and want to:

Chatham Literacy is a non-profit that offers free one-on-one tutoring and small classes for adult learners. Since we started delivering services in April 2008, we have served 554 students with the help of 175 volunteer tutors.

During FY2015-16, 186 adult learners were served by 79 volunteer tutors — and many reached one or more of their goals:

In FY2015-16, our students and tutors logged a remarkable 4,241 hours of instruction, compared with 1,780 hours the previous year.

If you’d  like to know more about becoming a student, please check out our Student FAQ and Classes pages.

If you’re interested in becoming a tutor or in helping Chatham Literacy in other ways, you’ll find more details on our Tutor FAQ and Volunteer pages.

We’d also be happy to talk with you about Chatham Literacy. If you have questions, please contact us at 919-742-0578 or send an email to admin@chathamliteracy.org.