Why tutor?

Helping adult learners develop the educational skills they need to have more successful lives is as rewarding as it gets.
“Being a tutor has brought me a wonderful new friend from El Salvador, and it has given me the opportunity to watch her blossom as she explores a new country, a new language, and countless new experiences. My student has become a model to me of exemplary energy, planning, dedication, and passion involved in working toward what would have once been unimaginable goals.” – Anne Dobson

Our students include a wide variety of people – adults working on their high school equivalency diplomas, those who need stronger English-language skills to get a job or a promotion, and those who want to be able to do everyday things they have difficulty with now – like read to their children, communicate with their doctors, look up information on the internet, or fill out an application form.

If you enjoy working with people and can spare an hour or two of your time each week, you can make a huge difference in a neighbor’s life. You don’t need a teaching background or a foreign-language skill to become a tutor. We’ll provide the training.

Our tutors enjoy flexible schedules and can choose to volunteer for one-on-one sessions, small-group classes, or both. You can tutor on your time schedule and at a place that is convenient for you. Please visit our Tutor FAQ and Classes pages for more information.

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